What to do in Pisco Elqui ?

Pisco Elqui offers various options to enjoy your stay here and explore the Elqui Valley - sports, observation of the skies, natural healing and more.


  • Horse Riding Tours
    Caballo Elqui invites you to discover the valley on horseback. Ramón Luis offers you a unique experience... these tours are apt for total beginners, more or less experienced riders and especially for kids. There are tours during the day and also night rides. Situated in Montegrande, abt. 4 kms from Pisco Elqui, less than 10 minutes by car or bus.
    Info: info@caballo-elqui.cl or telephone: (051)- 2 45 11 68  or cell. 8 788 1978
  • Astronomy Tours
    Enjoy the world's clearest skies ... we have various observatories in the region:
    Mamalluca - the biggest one, in Vicuña (aprox. 50 kms)
    Cielo Sur in Alcohuaz (abt. 15 kms)
    Cancana in Cochiguaz (abt. 25 kms).
  • Bike rental
    In Pisco Elqui are shops/agencies offering bike rental or guided tours.
  • Massages / Tarot or Reiki Sessions
    Available in the village of Pisco Elqui.
  • Motor Bike rental - guided Tours
    Elqui Enduro offers renting of Enduro KTM or guided tours.